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we devise, design, develop & advise

You’ll get 100% focus. That’s right, only one project at a time.

At Rakun we design wonderful ideas, then add a pinch of stardust.

Understanding how your company works and breathes is core to our holistic approach. We engage with you from the get-go to collaborate throughout projects - matching expertise with your vision and needs.

Your goals are our goals. Let’s make a dazzling impact.


State-of-the-art websites that strengthen your brand & scale revenue for your company. Perfectly crafted to achieve your goals & inspire your clients.


Clean lightweight code, for efficient & reliable performance. Host your sites on the fastest servers & ensure exceptional performance 24/7.


Our creators can set the foundations for a strong timeless identity that will help boost your business perspectives and potential.


Search Engine Optimisation for cleaning up your website code, increased organic traffic & better performance in Google results.


Brilliant videos to showcase your valuable services, tell your vibrant stories and achieve your biggest goals.


Strong partnerships that offer field expertise with a common goal in mind: identifying the key factors to scale your company growth.

we’re wild but we don’t bite