heart + mind = rakun design

My name is Larry. I am
a developer &
a growth hacker

Born in Russia and raised in Greece, Larry is a citizen of the world and Rakun’s co-founder. He’s currently based in London, UK. Along his journey he has become fluent in Greek, Russian, English, HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

Larry got his first computer at 8 years old, disassembled it entirely and reassembled it again. Since then he’s been using computers to connect with and create meaningful experiences for users around the world.

My name is Mike.
I am a designer &
a solutions architect

Originally from Greece, Rakun’s co-founder Mike now resides in Dublin. Mike loves spending his days improving processes, solving complex problems and creating effective solutions that make the web a better place.

Mike’s childhood dream was to become a psychologist. Now he uses his love of human behaviour to make people happy through user experience based design.

…and the cream of the creative crop

"Rakun did a wonderful job helping us translate our
mission. They rocked our visual identity and
promptly delivered a great web experience."

Maria Arnaoutaki, Co-Founder FPower
rakun brings you the best talent in the hood
We work with an ever expanding team of creative professionals we trust by our side. We call ourselves Rakuns because we believe in extreme adaptability & outside-the-box agility. Our focus is on creating solutions, exceeding expectations, and delivering measurable results.